Energizing Audiences is my Specialty!

David Zucker’s Interactive Laughter Rhythm energizes and excites people in a group setting. His mission is to motivate and inspire people about living happiness in the moment.  Audiences for TV Shows, Conferences, Conventions, Meetings and Retreats can experience the joy of this transformational uplifting energy.


Happy Employees

With a new direction in the world of happiness and positive emotions, a movement is taking place: the culture of Wellness in the Workplace. Scientists discovered that happiness causes success when they started examining how positive emotions affect the brain function and change behavior. Some of the happiest and most productive organizations, like Google, Twitter, Facebook and many others, put special focus on group engagement activities. Such activities can be fun ways to instill happy and healthy behavior. Richard Branson Virgin Group CEO has said “More than any other element, fun is the secret of Virgin’s success”. The freshness and originality of starting the work day with Laughter Rhythm is your recipe for happy, healthy and productive employees.



Laughter Rhythm creates wellness in the classroom with its teacher and student self-care program. It is designed to inspire, motivate and encourage learning through greater self-awareness. This creative self- care approach through laughter, brain exercises and rhythm activities allows for more focused and effective learning. It opens the door to more conscious living and a strengthening of the intuition. Knowledge is not only what we know, it’s also how we learn to care for ourselves. When we learn how to feel whole and complete, free from stress and worry, we contribute more effectively to our families, jobs and our own purpose and mission. When teachers give the gift of self- care to themselves and their students, they are laying the foundation for good things to come.










Laughter Rhythm was designed with the senior and caregiver in mind. It teaches the idea that “happiness is here right now” through a variety of interactive activities that include movement, rhythm, meditation and laughter.  Through these activities we create a deep connection to the world of wellness and community. Seniors and caregivers can engage in new ways of expressing themselves. Our mission is to assist in clearing away any distractions or negativity. We inspire, motivate and energize seniors and caregivers to become more in touch with themselves. This, we believe, leads to a happy, healthy and peaceful life.